Hazel Dormouse

Hazel Dormouse
Muscardinus avellanarius

Conservation status:
Classified as a Priority Species in the UK Biodiversity Action Plan.

The Hazel Dormouse has gingery-brown or golden-brown fur, large black eyes and a thick furry tail. An adult dormouse body is about 70-80mm long with a tail about 60mm in length. Dormice weigh between 15-40g, and by October/November a healthy adult can weigh up to 40g ready to hibernate during late Autumn and Winter.

Hazel dormice live in deciduous woodland, dense scrub and hedgerows in southern counties of England and up to parts of the Midlands of England. There are scattered records of Hazel Dormice recorded in counties further North in England and parts of Wales and there are efforts to repopulate other counties and try to strengthen the current populations of Hazel dormice in England and Wales.


The Hazel Dormouse is part of one of the most ancient group of rodents in the world, dating back over 40 million years.

Video credit thanks to James Hitchen & Dorset Wildlife Trust

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