Events Guidelines

Events Guidelines:

I will promote:

  • Wildlife charities and science events (non-profit events).
  • Educational events (non-profit events).
  • I will consider events in the UK and outside of the UK.

Note: I will Tweet and RT any events featured on my website. I will not charge any organisations for promotion on my website or via Twitter.

I will NOT promote events that are/do the following:

  • Segregation: Any event where men and women are forced to sit with ‘same sex’ because of so called ‘religious’ or ‘cultural’ reasons. This is a growing ‘trend’ I am totally against and it goes against equality, choice, and equal rights and promotes segregation. 
  • Any religious organisations events and/or organisations affiliated to any religion. I also refuse to promote events where religion will be promoted.

I have the right to promote or refuse not to promote any events I decide. I will reply with honesty in full to any organisation I refuse to promote privately via email. 

Amy Carparelli 

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